Selected clips

Web Writing (copywriting)

The Clever Consultant (Services pages)

How to Pitch a Story to a Journalist

Consultants, be a LinkedIn LION

An Editorial Calendar Will Keep You From Losing Your Mind

An Easy Approach to Writing Web Content

Creative Nonfiction

Get Him Off The Books (excerpt from MFA Thesis, “Lost Boy,” Goucher College, 2012)


Death on the Northway – Montreal-bound bus overturns

UAlbany loses beloved leader in accident

Scotia to kill geese at Collins Lake


Chasing an elusive shadow – Homeless teens on the fringes of booming Saratoga County.

Worry rises with water at ailing Gilboa Dam

Past still shadows town at risk

A baby is dead, a mother asks why

Columns (“The Advocate”)

A war veteran in search of his due

Spin in Mustang proves costly to owner

Web deal for urn sours as mother waits

Deadbeat Dad is found, then … nothing

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