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“Go The Fuck To Sleep” Will Be a Movie. I Am Negotiating the Film Rights to The Stuff My Dog, Roger, Hornked Up Last Night After He Ate Too Many Dent-A-Sticks

Hollywood today announced the end of writing and imagining things, and all English majors everywhere lit charcoal grills inside their chilly studio apartments before drifting off into eternal, dreamless sleep, after it was announced that the jokey-for-adults childrens’ book parody “Go The Fuck To Sleep,” would be adapted into a movie, by the Wet Hot […]
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I Don’t Care Much About Your Plot, as Long as Your Characters are More Interesting than You, or, Why Tom Robbins is a Drag

Still on the subject of movies today, before I move on to how Tom Robbins disappointed me. First I have have to report that my wife has the ability to pick out the voice of actress Tea Leoni from the next room — a weird and impressive feat. I was sitting on the couch Sunday […]
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Michael Bay, Paid Per Explosion; M. Night Shyamalan is Slowly Vanishing

A Reddit user (“Mike-Dane”) calculated how much Michael Bay earns in profits-per-explosion: That’s about $3.2 million per explosion, Mike-Dane says. …He also tracked the quality of M. Night Shyamalan’s films over time (based on IMDB rating), an equally-steep slope going the other way: Incidentally, now that you know how much they are worth, here is […]
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