Gawker Seems To Have A Point that Howard Kurtz Is Losing It

Photo: Adam Glansman

I’m fascinated with with this Gawker piece on media critic Howard Kurtz. It asks why Kurtz, former media critic for the Washington Post, spent 527 words on his own blog writing about the supposedly-risque Facebook photos of one Pari Bradlee. Bradlee is the daughter-in-law of legendary former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee , but is otherwise not a public figure herself (is a yoga teacher a public figure?) You can see Kurtz wrestling with that dilemma in his post when he says Pari Bradlee trades on her father-in-law’s name. That’s his pretext for writing about her at all.

pari bradlee screenshot

But whether she does “trade on” Ben Bradlee’s name is not at all clear from Kurtz’s post, and so leads naturally back to the question, “Why am I reading about the photo of this woman in a torn bra, which ‘it looks like someone took scissors to.’?” (She seems to have taken down the bra picture that so intrigued Kurtz).  What the hell? This is weird and beneath him. Maybe this not-interesting breakroom gossip is further evidence that even bloggers need strong editors.

It’s sad to read such weak crappola becuase I used to be a huge fan of Kurtz, when he was the host of CNN’s Reliable Sources and he seemed like a fair interrogator of other journalists (he did great work during the whole New York Times/Jayson Blair/Howell Raines thermonuclear meltdown).

Now I’m going to have to find out what Bob Garfield think of all this.


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