People Helping Strangers in Boston, and a Stupid Distraction for You

I have no special insight or reason to add to the cloud of commentary and public sadness about the Boston Marathon bombing, so I thought I would link to this article from Mother Jones, about one of the heroes from yesterday.

I’ve been struck by accounts of witnesses who said they were in awe of  the emergency responders and other helpers rushing toward the smoke and the casualties.

Mother Jones posted a story about one of them — Carlos Arredondo, who has been referred to online as The Man in the Cowboy Hat. He rushed toward a victim who appears to have lost both his legs, applied a tourniquet and helped get him to an ambulance, saving his life.

The Mother Jones story notes how Arredondo is a veteran of very terrible things. He lost his son in Iraq in 2004, and another son to suicide soon after that.

I also found another really excellent and gripping account by David Abel, who was covering the race for the Globe when the bombs exploded. It’s also about strangers rushing in to help the wounded.

And if you can’t take any of that today, please take a break and enjoy this (don’t overthink it; it’s just a fucking great song):

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