Ding Dong, This is Awkward

The BBC is having a dilemma, Atlanticwire reports. Apparently, since the death of Margaret Thatcher (and not the death of Cher, who is still with us for now), a song has been rising on the British charts and on UK’s iTunes: “Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead.” It’s possible it will even hit Number One this week, and then everything at the BBC offices will be very awkward and British when comes time for the weekly Top 40 countdown show.

Based on my deep knowledge of British culture, I’m sure somewhere at the BBC (located at Hogwarts), an older program director wearing thick-framed glasses and whose inner desires will always remain hidden and unexpressed, will clear his throat awkwardly, and pull at his tight tweed jacket while explaining it would be improper to acknowledge why that song was popular this week, while a younger DJ wearing a football kit*  will throw a full pint glass of warm lager at his head, and then urinate on the studio equipment, and then say something racist.

*That’s metric for SOCCER UNIFORM.

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