Eavesdropping: Home-improvement store, Elmwood Ave.


Me: I’m looking for a big fan I can use to dry a wet basement floor.
Male employee (The Guy): I don’t think we have those here (in the building materials section). Try aisle 39.
Me: Thanks

(I turn around and walk toward aisle 39. The Guy is walking behind me, and is joined by The Girl, a very young-seeming colleague).

The Girl: Can you help me with it?

The Guy: You always ask me that.

The Girl: It’s just really hard to get started. Please? Can you just help me with the beginning? To get it started? Please.

The Guy: Yeah.

The Girl: And we went out last night and you didn’t show up again.

The Guy: Totally forgot. I was home all night. Totally forgot.

The Girl: Well maybe we won’t call you next time.

The Guy: ‘Kay.

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