John Tesh is Still the Most Terrifying Man in America

Mostly this is because of his radio show that’s on every night and it’s also on in the same part of your brain that wonders what would happen if you just said “fucket, I’m turning my delivery truck into oncoming traffic RIGHTNOW RIGHTNOW,” is basically just a list of peoples’ phobias and things they feel inadequate about, in helpful tip form.


* Are you Drinking Too Much Without Even Realizing it?

* Are you a Super Cleaner?

*Is Lack of Sleep Making You Fat?

* Will You Ever Come To Terms With the Fact that You Will Die in the City You Are Currently Living In, and  Your Ex is Just Not Coming Back?

(One of those is made up — can’t remember which).

Anyway I like this video because his audience is really into him. They appreciated him bringing his source materials to his concert.




John Tesh – “Roundball Rock” (Live on Catalina Island, 1997)

I found this video yesterday and have watched it about one hundred times since then. Emailing it along to Fambly last night, Pat really nailed it with the reply “This video could be split into 4 videos and they’d all be hilarious but it’s ONE.”

My favorite part is how totally fucking AMPED his audience is to see such a spectacle.

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