Office Building Lobby, afternoon

Security guard, to me: He’s a head taller than the other kids. Five years old.

Me: Wow, that’s…
Guard: He’s coordinated and he’s got power. When he was four, he picked up a plastic bat. And there was a swimming pool form here to that corner, and a fence, and he just…WHAM. Picked up the ball and whacked it over the fence and into that pool. Four. Four years old.
Me: That reminds me of…
Security guard: He’s not a speed guy. He’s power. I think he’s gonna play baseball or hockey. He needs speed. His mother’s got him on a diet and he’s lost that belly. But you know, for five, he’s pretty good. Kid looks like Babe Ruth. Maybe he’ll be like Babe Ruth.
Me: Hope so. That would be great.
Guard: That would be great.
(photo from the Flickr stream of JessyeAnne. Thanks.)

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