Birthday party

We’re sitting in the back yard eating hors d’oeuvres, noting that nearly everyone present will have a birthday in the next four months.

Judy (friend’s grandmother): I’m August 14. That’s V-J Day.

Me: I didn’t know that…

Judy: I remember we were upstairs listening to the radio. The president came on and said the war was over. They set fires on Main Street.

Me: On Main Street in Buffalo? Like campfires?

Judy: In Snyder. Bonfires. Wood, tires. The Higgins family set fires.

Me: Umm…Did you say “Higgins?”

Judy: Yes, I remember it was the Higginses.

Me: Did you know I’m a Higgins? That’s my name.

Judy: Really??? Joe Higgins. Lois…

Me: No.

Judy: Alright. It was different Higginses then.

(photo from Dominic’s Pics on Flickr)

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