Spot Coffee, Buffalo, NY 9:30 a.m Sunday

Two girls in front of me in line. Both around 10 years old. Girl #1 is black, Girl #2 is white.

Girl #1: I have $20 (she flattens a $20 bill and slides it around on the surface of the glass display case, over the chocolate-covered croissants.) Actually, I have $40. And seven credit cards. My father says credit cards (inaudible).

Girl #2: When you have credit cards, you don’t need cash. Not right that day.

(enter Girl #3, who, like Girl #2, is white with fine, blond hair and seems like she could be a little sister. She runs up to Girl #1 and touches her shoulder in a way that looked affectionate to me.)

Girl #3: You know what my favorite color is? Black.

(Girl #3 runs away).

Girl #2, whispering, with the back of her hand covering her mouth: That was creepy.

(photo from Alex-S’s Flickr)

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