Driveway, last week

Me, to my neighbor, Jose: Hey, make sure you keep your car door locked. Someone took my GPS last night.

Jose: Aw, really? I’m sorry to hear it.

Me: Thanks


Jose: I’ve got one of those but I don’t use it. At first it was cute, hearing the voice telling you where to go, but then it got annoying. I only go to places where I know where I’m going! I don’t use it anymore.

Me: I used mine a lot. I have a bad sense of direction.

Jose: Mine’s a good one. Worth 300 bucks. It’s a Mag-Ah-Lan?

Me: A what?

Jose: A MAG-uh-LAN.

Me: Oh. I hear those are pretty good.

Jose: What kind was yours?

Me: A Garmin.

Me: The cop said whoever took it probably takes those all the time, and sold it to a neighbor or a pawn shop.

Jose: A pawn shop, no kidding? Hey, that’s where I got mine.

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