Lark Street, Hudson Avenue, 9 p.m. – ish

It’s an even year. It’s and EVEN YEAR. They’ll win. It’s an even year and the Jets will win nine or ten…(guy, 30s, front stoop, to cell phone)

I am outside of the place and I’m going to wait for you but not for three hours … I did so good in Long Island, I was doing so good. (Woman, early 20s, in front of Bombers Burrito Bar, to cell phone).

What is a dog doing in here? (Kid, male, in the Ben and Jerry’s).

I was there with Shawna and Nina, who is like, five months pregnant. Naw. Nina’s pregant? Again? Naw. Yeah.

Two guys, baseball hats, early 20s, on Hudson…

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