From reader: Broadway, Saratoga Springs

Woman, 45ish, dressed for a day of Saratoga shopping, holding open the door and shouting at two girls in Borders, one about 8 and the other about 13. She’s pointing at a man dressed as a hot dog on the sidewalk:

Girls, girls! Come on! Hurry up! There’s a hot dog man out here! He’s a hot dog! This guy’s a hot dog! Come on or you’ll miss it! Hurry! He’s doing a little dance! The hot dog is!You gotta see it! C’mon c’mon!

Girl, 13, at seeing the hot dog man: Oh God.

Woman: Mr. Hot Dog Man, can we take our picture with you?

Mr. Hot Dog Man, from inside hot dog suit: Mm-hmmph.

(thanks, kate)

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