More Newsroom chatter, 20 minutes later

Editor A: You know the best thing about that murder?

Editor B: What?

Editor A: Shotgun.

Editor B: Really , is that what he used?

Editor A: Shotgun at a party. Gives a bad name to shotguns.

Reporter: Did you notice the copy desk took out the word “blast?”

Editor A: Why?

Reporter: They said it was insenstive. You know, weekend ends with “a blast?”

Editor A: Why is that insenseitive?

Reporter: I guess if you read between the lines like a copy editor you might consider that insensitive.

Editor A: I read between the lines all the time and I don’t mind that. I kind of like that.

(Another reporter, on phone: A political boondoggle? Hold on. The proposals… are… a political boondoggle… designed… to curry favor…yep, go on…)

Phones ring.

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