Riding my bike home from Washington Park, distance: Half-mile

Washington Park
Woman, blond/brown curly hair, to small dog with curly, blond-brown hair: Bailey! Hello, sweetheart! Helllloooo!

Madison and Lark
Fat man, Oakley wraparounds, yellow golf shirt, the bottom of which hung off him like a skirt, to goateed friend: Yeah, Steph did that to me once…

Hipster guy to girl he had his arm around her waist: Let’s cross here. Yeah. Ha.

Madison and Dove
Man on porch: Thwit (hocks a glob of spit and phlegm onto the ripped-up sidewalk)

Hudson and Dove
Heartbreakingly beautiful girl, long brown curly hair, white sundress with brown paisley print, big brown oval sunglasses, getting into her car and speaking to an unseen passenger: I’m sorry about your car. Sorry.

Young girl, middle school? High school? To her two girlfriends:
That was back before I even liked him. But he didn’t like me talking to anyone. But then he dumped me. I did like him but I don’t like him like that anymore.

Neighbor, leaning in her doorway, long, frizzy blond hair with brown roots, blue-and-white-striped bikini top and pair of shorts, to me: Hi.

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