Price Chopper, Madison and Delaware, 8 a.m.

Woman, early 30s, do-rag on head, pretty, smooth face, burgundy knit shirt with the sleeves pushed up. She has a cart overflowing with groceries including a “Scribble Board,” a small, plastic easel with a sketch of a squealing toddler on the box, the box is balancing on top of the cart, to the cashier, a girl named Isena:

It’s supposed to be buy one, get one free. It’s ringing up at $4.99.

Isena: I’m going to scan it again.

Woman: It’s supposed to be buy one, get one. I don’t know why it ring up like that.

Isena: (Says something in Spanish to the older cashier in the next line, whose name is Cookie).

Cookie: (Responds in Spanish. I recognize the word “trabajar”)

Cookie: Marshall. Marshall!

There’s a long pause, while we all wait for Marshall.
Woman: Either it rings up as buy one, get one, or it’s going back on the shelf.

Two minutes pass in silence. Enter Marshall from stage left. Marshall, wearing a navy Price Chopper polo shirt, gets an update from Isena, and from the woman.

Woman: It’s supposed to be buy one, get one.
Marshall enters a code into the cash register. He says something inaudible, but apparently the buy one, get one special is on another brand of frozen sausages, not the one the woman was attempting to purchase.

Woman: But these are the brots. I wanted the brots.

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