Podcast Episode 1: Carrie Hagen on The Kidnapping that Changed America

    On the afternoon of  July 1, 1874, four-year-old Charley Ross and his older brother Walter played behind a stone wall near their home in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. When two men offered them candy and firecrackers, the boys got in [...]
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Buffalo Loves Things About Buffalo

Anything with high production values that also says nice thing about my city is automatically catnip to me. Click on the headline above or on “read more”  to watch a few minutes of “America’s Best Designed City, ” a film by [...]
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Pixar’s “22 Rules for Storytelling” as Image Macros

Someone on the Internet named “dinoignacio” took the time to pair Pixar Studio’s storytelling guidelines with some images.

Gawker Seems To Have A Point that Howard Kurtz Is Losing It

I’m fascinated with with this Gawker piece on media critic Howard Kurtz. It asks why Kurtz, former media critic for the Washington Post, spent 527 words on his own foxnews.com blog writing about the supposedly-risque Facebook photos of one Pari [...]
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Outside the 7-11

    Two young men discuss either shoplifting technique or how to play “Boo!”* while squatting against the building:   “At the Rite Aid? My boy talk to the cashier, talk her up while I go in. She all distracted. Easy. [...]
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A Brief Disturbance

Brief disturbance earlier at 5th and Jackson between superheroes and clowns. Everything's under control. #SeaMayDay— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) May 01, 2013 This has to do with Seattle’s “real superhero” movement. [...]
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Eavesdropping: Walgreen’s, Delaware Ave.

Man and woman employees, standing in front of the dairy case where I was trying to buy a half gallon of milk: Woman: I’ve said to the doctor, I need something stronger. Man: What did he tell you to take for it? Woman: He basically told me to take, [...]
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Why Seth Mnookin will be Twitter’s First Pulitzer Winner

The Boston Globe is doing what it’s supposed to this week. They’re producing urgent, accurate multimedia journalism. The pay wall is temporarily lifted and the front page design is spare and utilitarian for readers who are looking for updates [...]
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People Helping Strangers in Boston, and a Stupid Distraction for You

I have no special insight or reason to add to the cloud of commentary and public sadness about the Boston Marathon bombing, so I thought I would link to this article from Mother Jones, about one of the heroes from yesterday. I’ve been struck by [...]
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“Go The Fuck To Sleep” Will Be a Movie. I Am Negotiating the Film Rights to The Stuff My Dog, Roger, Hornked Up Last Night After He Ate Too Many Dent-A-Sticks

Hollywood today announced the end of writing and imagining things, and all English majors everywhere lit charcoal grills inside their chilly studio apartments before drifting off into eternal, dreamless sleep, after it was announced that the [...]
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